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How Would You Like to Build the Practice You Always Wanted?

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Stop Setting Sales Goals

Who cares about sales? It's profit that matters. Isn't it time you switched from having a crappy sales job to running a major profit center?


The Myth

As financial advisors, we are routinely told by our product vendors that success means achieving a certain AUM or sales goal.

The Conflict

But success is not about hitting a sales goal. It's about hitting a profit goal. Sadly, our vendors don't tell us because it runs counter to their best interest.

The Solution

Every successful business has a system drive profit. Do you?


When I First Started My Practice, I Had 3 Questions:

? mark How can I consistently grow my profit?

? mark How can I get the freedom that should come with owning my own business?

? mark How can I build a business so valuable others would want to buy it?

Sound familiar?

If you ask yourself the same questions, then you're going to like what Advisor Architect's Renegade Advisor System can do for you.

A System of Systems

Renegade Advisor is a proven complete step-by-step system designed to take you by the hand (as in Step 1, Step 2, Step 3) and show you how to create a profitable financial planning practice. No ambiguity or confusion. Literally step-by-step nothing is left out.

As soon as you register, you will get IMMEDIATE access (via username and password) to the ENTIRE course. Including...

check-box A full day face to meeting with Dan Cuprill

check-box Access to all nine systems including: Know Your Numbers, The Profit Motive, Intentional Marketing, Kill the Caveman Selling System, Automate This, Robo Referrals, Client For Life, Generations, and Pass the Torch

check-box One-on-one coaching calls

check-box Lifetime Membership (every time we make updates, improvements, or add new material, you get that hook up too)

check-box 24/7 Access (the entire course is digital and you can access the material from any device with an internet connection)

check-box Advisor Architect members only podcast

check-box 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


Here's What You'll Get When You Join:

1. The Renegade Advisor Manual - A detailed summary of all nine systems

2. The Renegade Advisor Video Series - Step-by-step online instruction

3. A full day face-to-face meeting with Dan Cuprill

4. Monthly one-on-one training calls with Dan

5. Monthly member only conference calls

6. The Renegade Advisor member only podcast

7. The Renegade Advisor Shock & Awe Kit - The ultimate lead magnet tool that includes a book you will co-author with Dan.

10. The Defusing the Ticking Tax Time Bomb Seminar System.


"Systems create profit. Profit gives us the freedom we want."

Dan Cuprill, Founder, Advisor Architect

System of Systems

Below are some of systems included in the Renegade Advisor system.

Know Your Numbers

Understanding the metrics of your business goes far beyond knowing your revenue and expenses. Do you know how much it costs to acquire a client? Or how much profit on average each client brings you? Do you know for how many clients you also have their adult children as clients?

Intentional Marketing

Every great marketing campaign has three elements: The Right Message. The Right Market. The Right Media. If you're simply doing what every other advisor is doing, then you deserve to be replaced by the robo-advisors. Follow these basic rules and they will separate you from the crowd.

The Profit Motive

Stop setting sales goals! They don't matter. Who cares how much AUM you have or if you qualified for a convention? It's your profit that matters, and that can be obtained in more ways just selling.Profit will pay off your debt. Profit will give you the freedom you always wanted. Profit will give you a business that others will pay handsomely to buy. The Profit Motive not only teaches how to maximize revenue per client, it also demonstrates how a systematic cash flow system practically guarantees you will hit your profit goals.

Robo Referrals

Admit it. You don't like asking for referrals. And chances are, your clients hate feeling pressured. Why not instead develop an automated system that consistently produces referrals in a low pressure manner that makes your clients want to provide them.

Automate This

You know you shouldn't be doing $5 per hour work. And neither should your staff. The profit based business uses automation to handle these tasks and to enhance its marketing efforts. Automation should be used to acquire referrals, deliver training and education to your clients, organize your client reviews, and drive people to your workshops.


If you are younger than your average client, then your practice will die before you do. Profit based practices have a system to seamlessly convert the adult children of their clients into clients themselves.


Enroll now and receive the following bonuses:

Communicate regularly with clients using a professionally written and produced podcast. For six months receive...

  • A professional produced bi-weekly podcast
  • Show notes/questions
  • Professional co-host to navigate the interview
  • Editing
  • Music and introduction
  • Free online hosting
  • Weekly posting of podcasts
  • Initial set up with iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play feeds
  • Podcast logo
  • Equipment setup and walkthrough

Services provided through Third Wheel Media.

Not sure how tackle the world of Facebook Ad & Google Adwords Marketing? As an Advisor Architect member, you'll receive three free months of campaign management. You pay for the ads, we'll do everything else for you, from lead page design to ad placement, to continuous email campaigns.

Traditional selling techniques are of little use with today's consumer. No longer is the financial advisor needed as a way to buy investment or insurance products. As a financial advisor, you must accept the new reality: many people will never hire you matter what magic words you use.

Obtaining the ideal client today requires a SYSTEM that spends more time on disqualifying the prospect than talking about what you do or what your returns have been.

In this program, you'll learn a 3 step process designed to identify and secure the ideal client: one who gives you 100% of their money and lives with you through up and down markets.

As marketing genius Dan Kennedy says, great marketing requires the right message delivered to the right market using the right media. In this course, you'll learn how to deliver THE most powerful message (at the moment) that will draw the attention of affluent prospects.

This course includes three different downloadable versions of Dan's workshop that he uses to conduct live seminars and webinars in his million dollar fee based practice. You'll receive detailed instruction from Dan on how to market and conduct the workshops, as well as recordings of him conducting them.

Digital marketing is an only as effective as your content. But who has time to create it? In this program you will receive a ton of copyright free content for your use. Edit as you wish. Use it as you wish.

How About A Guarantee?

Advisor Architect comes with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. I pride myself on high quality programs that actually work…if you put the work in. Meaning, if you implement what I teach, you'll get results. If you don't, then you won't.

Shocking, right?!

If within 60 days, if you are unhappy for whatever reason, just email our customer support team and you will receive a full refund. My team and I stand behind Renegade Advisor 100%.

Meet Your Instructor

Dan Cuprill

Dan Cuprill, CFP, is a million dollar fee based advisor in Cincinnati, OH. His firm, Matson & Cuprill, works with over 200 families in 20 states.

Largely due to his utilization of systems, he's able to provide excellent service to his clients through just one very well paid support person and an associate advisor.

To learn more about Dan, visit his blog TheProfitableAdvisor.com


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Renegade Advisor may not be right for you. But we can promise you this: learning about the Power of Systems in your financial advisory practice will change the way you do business. Click the button below to schedule a 15 minute call with Dan to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a self study program?
No! As a member of Advisor Architect, you'll receive 12 monthly one on one training calls from its creator, Dan Cuprill. In addition, you'll participate in monthly conference calls, webinars, and an annual member meeting. You'll also have access to Dan via email.
When does the program start and finish?
While Advisor Architect is designed to be a 12 month program, you will always have full access to the system materials and member conference calls.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 60 days and we will give you a full refund.

What Members Say About Renegade Advisor & Dan Cuprill

To stand above the thousands of competitors, you have to have a message. Showing clients how to protect their qualified accounts from taxation is THE MESSAGE that echoes with my target market. Dan’s system showed me how to use that message to create a stream of financial planning clients.

–Greg Black, Salt Lake City, UT

With Renegade Advisor, Dan Cuprill has developed a step by step process that will show you had to run your business like a business. Profit first, effective marketing. smart decision making. And his personal involvement keeps you focused at all time.

–Matt Hausman, West Chester, PA

Bottom line…Dan is a very smart guy who understands what it takes to create and run a profit based practice. It’s about a lot more than just throwing money are marketing. In fact, he’s shown me how sometimes throwing more money at marketing is the worse thing you can do to maximize your profitability.

–J’Neane Theus, Columbia, MD

Thanks to Dan, I now understand the difference between a marketing system and a selling system. To grow your practice profitably, you need both. Thanks to his systems, I now have both.

–Tim Estes, CFP, Fort Worth, TX

What I like best about working with Dan is that everything he teaches comes from his own experience. He’s not throwing a bunch of theory or untried strategies at you. He understand the obstacles a fee based advisor faces because he is one. He’s showing you things that he does every day in his own practice.

–Sam Badgley, Williamstown, WV

For me, Dan's selling system within Renegade Advisor solved the mystery of selling. I now go into every meeting with a very clear agenda and know in minutes whether or not the prospect will become an idea client. I am in total control. As a result, my real closing ratio has skyrocketed.

–Ryan Fleming, Charleston, SC


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